Layer Farm Manager.

It's a Software for Commercial Egg Production

Layer Farm Manager is a poultry management software to monitor commercial egg production performance. Layer Farm Manager provides a comprehensive analysist egg production performance against breeding standard and among the other farms. 

It's a Poultry Layer Management System

With this poultry management software you can manage your farm and monitor performance of the farm. You can easily and quickly get a necessary data such as hen-day, bird mortality, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, body weight distribution, average egg weight, daily cost, and so on.

It Makes You Focus

With Layer Farm Manager, you will be able to focus to farm management to get the best egg production. Layer Farm Manager will help you to provide necessary data to analyze performance and productivity of your farm and your egg production.


Some of the features provided by Layer Farm Manager

Cloud Based.

Cloud Based. Capex to Opex.

Layer Farm Manager is running on cloud. No software download or installation required, and the software can be used from everywhere and anytime. You only need personal computer or tablet with internet connection to use Layer Farm Manager. We will take care all dirty, costly and heavy stuff such us server cost, development cost, network and infrastucture cost, and maintenance cost. We want you only focus how to improve and enhance your business. Let us take care the rest.



Everywhere. No border.

Layer Farm Manager is poultry management software that runs on cloud.  It means, you can use the software from everywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet connection. Whether you are in the office, or in the farm, Layer Farm Manager will be ready to assist you. Make sure you have a good internet connection.


Easy Data Entry

Easy Data Recording. Even for Newbie.

Daily recording will be easy with Layer Farm Manager. You only need to fill up one form per house per day and the data will be savely kept. Layer Farm Manager also has a mechanism to avoid human error entrying double date.


Daily Activity

Daily Activity. Keep it monitored.

Daily activity performed by operator will be easily monitored. Make sure your operators to fill in what they do at that day. Any urgent matter can be responded quickly.


Performance Chart

Performance Chart. Play Around with Data.

Data inputted to Layer Farm Manager will be calculated and presented according to common key performance indicator. This include hen-day, mortality, body weight, feed consumption, and so fort.  The chart will be compared with standard target performance so you can take action quickly if there is something deviated from the target. 


Monitor Expense

Monitor Expense. Cutting the budget.

Layer Farm Manager allows you to monitor total expense for each house. With this, you can analize and cut an unnecessary budget.

Hen Day Analysist

Hen-day Analysis. Improving Your Production.

Monitor your commercial egg production using Layer Farm Manager. Compare egg produced among the houses to learn how to get the best egg production ever. 

Body Weight

Monitoring Body Weight. Keep Up with the Standard.

Layer Farm Manager will help you keep monitoring your birds' body weight to get the best performance. Compare with standard guide and take preventive measurement if the body weight is not according to the standard.

Weight Distribution

Weight Distribution. Grouping Your Birds.

By knowing the weight distribution presented by Layer Farm Manager, you may group the birds that need a special treatment.

Feed Consumption

Monitor Feed Consumption. Keep It Low with Hight Performance.

One of the biggest cost in layer production is poultry food. If you could keep it low but with high performance, you may be able to reduce a significant cost of production. Layer Farm Manager will help you to monitor the feed consumed in houses.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Feed Conversion Ratio. Be efficient.

Monitor your FCR to suppress cost of production to get a higher margin. Layer Farm Manager will help you to monitor FCR.


Birds Transfer. Count Your Birds.

Layer Farm Manager will help you monitor the movement of your birds. By knowing this, you may prevent bird lost during transfer.




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